Don’t avoid leadership.
Come to The Table.

A few weeks ago you were a leader in the best ever of economic times.

Now you’re a leader facing the worst of times.

This is the greatest test of your leadership in your lifetime. How is it going? 

Imagine having an Executive Coach, expert in architectural leadership, on your side and by your side.

I’m Nora Ludviksen, and over 30 years as an architect and design executive, I’ve seen all the mistakes business leaders make. I’ve made many of them myself. And I’ve learned that avoiding conflict and ignoring the weak spots in your leadership causes small problems to grow into roadblocks that impact productivity, morale, even the survival of your firm.

As an Executive Coach and professional mediator, I help architects and related professionals become Fearless Leaders, sharpening and adding tools to your toolbelt to communicate better, navigate crisis, and get everyone back to work.

Workplace Leadership

When you avoid conflict, muscle through it, or even back down to keep the peace, you sidestep important conversations that create transparency, trust, and the strong work relationships you need now.

But you can have those conversations at your firm, with your partners, your clients, your staff. You can find common ground and move forward. You can lead your people respectfully, effectively, fearlessly.

You have it in you. You just need an experienced guide to help you find it and show you the way.


  • Executive Coaching: One-to-one, Confidential
  • Leadership Team Alignment
  • Crisis Communication - Staff
  • Crisis Communication - Clients
  • Formal Mediation

Beyond the Workplace

We all have lives outside of the office, of course—and now more than ever before, family matters impact work performance as well as personal relationships.

If you have employees who need support with difficult issues at home, or you’re here seeking separate family services, I can help.


  • Divorce and Co-Parenting
  • Elder Life Transitions
  • Teen-Parent Conversations
Nora Ludviksen is the founder of The Table Mediation

Meet Nora Ludviksen

I’m an architect who became a mediator and conflict coach. That might sound unusual, but it’s the ideal combination for helping architecture firms like yours understand and resolve the leadership challenges you're facing.

I've been in your shoes. I’ve lived your pains and fears. I understand how you work. I’ll be your trusted advisor, someone who listens at a deep level, who sees the things you can't see.

Once I show you how to assess and sharpen your leadership skills, you’ll begin to welcome the daily challenges — because they lead to individual growth, confidence, and solutions.

There’s a clear path ahead to becoming a Fearless Leader. With my calm, expert guidance, I’ll help you find a new way forward.

What Clients Say

"Nora's discerning judgment, inquisitive personality, and unwavering diligence added immense benefit to our company."
— Terry Halverson, Chairman, Metropolitan Market