Beyond the Workplace

The effects of a family crisis or conflict extend well beyond the walls of a home—impacting professional performance and workplace relationships

But when people have the tools to manage and resolve family disagreements peacefully, the benefits extend beyond the home, too.

Whether you’re an employer seeking support for a team member, or an individual who needs help navigating life’s challenges with those closest to you, my calm, thoughtful process is designed to help reduce and resolve conflict on your own terms.

Services - Parenting Agreements

Divorce and Co-Parenting

At the Table, I help you craft parenting plans that serve the best interests of the chidren. I offer child-centered guidance to help create or update parenting agreements. Whether you need to write a plan as a prerequisite to divorce or modify terms as your children grow and change, I’ll hold their place at The Table while helping you make the adult decisions.

Services - Elder Life Transitions

Elder Life Transitions

Gathering at the Table helps elders and their families plan dignified transitions to new living arrangements—or put other support in place for the changing needs that come with aging. I create a calm and respectful place for elder-centered discussion and decision-making, skillfully integrating family members’ varying opinions and levels of involvement.

Services - Parent and Teen Conversations

Teen-Parent Conversations

Teenagers need to speak their minds as they assume greater agency in the family, yet parents or guardians may find themselves at a loss about how to approach a withdrawn or angry teen. I help families have respectful conversations in this ever-changing environment; from defining boundaries to setting expectations and accountability for new freedoms.
At the Table, I help you consider each person's perspective, reduce friction and make new agreements.

To learn how we can help you manage family conflict, get in touch for a consultation. Our initial conversation is confidential and free of charge.


“We’re communicating well...finding a rhythm to how, when and why we reach out to each other. It was a mountain I wasn’t sure we would get over, yet, we did. I’m grateful for what Nora does."

CS, divorce mediation client