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Sticking with it.

FEARLESS LEADER, What if your responsibility as a leader is first to listen? To learn?   "Not...

Restorative Circle for Dancers

Through the generosity of Dance Fremont in Seattle, I facilitate a weekly Restorative Circle for Dancers. This...

Be quiet and just listen.

FEARLESS LEADER, This week, how will there be time and opportunity for people to speak – while...

“I knew I had it in me. I just had to find it.”

— RB, Vice President, consumer reporting agency

Keys for Re-Entry

FEARLESS LEADER, Take a few minutes for yourself right now.     "Don't forget to breathe." —...

Re-Entry: Me as a leader

FEARLESS LEADER, He knew what he knew, he knew what he didn’t, he took in what others...


FEARLESS LEADER, Re-entry starts with you and getting your leadership realigned.     "A spacecraft must remain...

Where we’re going (and where we’ve been).

FEARLESS LEADER, Take this moment for yourself. Look at what you’ve accomplished.       "I must...

“Nora asks great questions that stir up critical thought.”

– Alex Rolluda, President, Rolluda Architects Inc.   

Who will be a Fearless Leader in Q3?

FEARLESS LEADER, How will you become the Fearless Leader you want to be on New New Years Day,...

How Fearless Leaders keep their people

FEARLESS LEADER, Recognize and guide your new leaders. Give them access to your territory. Position them and...

“Nora has had a huge, positive impact on my business. Her effective communication tools have helped me gain confidence in getting my needs met through clear communication.”

— Lucinda O’Halloran, Owner, Spirit Garden Coaching & Design.