Who will be a Fearless Leader in Q3?


How will you become the Fearless Leader you want to be on New New Years Day, July 1st, 2020?





“The only way to do it

is to do it”







Which stage are you at right now?

Hesitation / Frenzy of logistics / Fixing flaws, plugging holes / FLOODED / Getting my sea legs.

Settling in.


If you’re not settling in yet, that’s fine. Go back and read my earlier messages. But if you’re starting to settle in, it’s time to take stock.
Fearless Leaders are preparing for July 1st as the New New Year, a reset date in the new normal. What will it take for you to get ready? Taking stock always starts with self-assessment.
When I work with leaders as an Executive Coach, we always start with a Leadership Self-Assessment.


These days we evaluate 3 things:

How good of a leader were you before all this?

What kind of leader are you today?

What kind of a leader do you want to be in the new normal?




“I dwell in possibility”  — EMILY DICKINSON


Try this.

Click on the link below for a mini version of my Fearless Leader Self-Assessment. Use it for a quick look at how you’re doing TODAY,  sit with that reality, and ask me how to start closing the gaps this quarter to be ready for the New New Year.
Take the Fearless Leader Self-Assessment.


Is what you were doing before working now?
Will it work in the new normal, whatever that becomes?
What will people say about you then (partners, employees, clients, colleagues)?

How will you become the Fearless Leader you want to be on New New Years Day, July 1st, 2020?

Where do you need to ‘sharpen your saw’, starting now?
It all rests on you, Fearless Leader! Don’t blow these next two months.

Where will you begin? Go ahead, take the assessment.




“The work is so rigorous that you can never stop trying.”

— DYLAN CROSSMAN,  dancer/choreographer





Images: Hubert et ses chairs; Ensemble, ‘Jamais Plus‘ at the 92nd Street Y, NYC by Dylan Crossman Dans(c)e. Photo by Stephanie Berger; Dancer/Choreographer Merce Cunningham.
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