Where we’re going (and where we’ve been).


Take this moment for yourself. Look at what you’ve accomplished.




“I must follow the people.

Am I not their leader?”




Thank you for being here.

I want to take this week to revisit what I’ve been talking about in this space this past month, and to ask what you need next.

We started by taking a pause, deep breath

—which we probably need again—

Take this moment for yourself. Look at what you’ve accomplished. 

You’re amazing.

— — —

Then we talked about how we’re all operating under sustained stress in a time of loss.

Fearless Leaders remember that traits are magnified under pressure; what was once hard might now feel impossible. Here’s your reminder to adjust your behavior to meet each person where they are, staying mindful of their continued stress or grief.

Practice the intentional awkward pause.

Pay attention. Let others talk more.

Stay quiet so they’ll say more. Ask how are you doing?

— — —

Next we took a serious look at what it would take to keep all of your employees in your hire throughout this crisis. You listed everything that scares you— and outlined a short-term and a long-term plan to address only what you can control or influence.

You can’t do it all!

Acknowledging this means rethinking who does what by creating and assigning new roles. It means supporting or training your employees who are struggling, reassigning projects, giving more responsibility to those who are ready to step up, and allowing yourself, Fearless Leader, to focus on those things that only you can do.

— — —

Most recently, I asked if you are ‘settling in’ and ready to take stock and prepare for the New New Year of Quarter 3. Since taking stock always starts with self-assessment, I gave you a mini version of my Leadership Self-Assessment.

You may still take it HERE.




“Every head is a world.”

“Cada cabeza es un mundo.”








Where to next? What do you want to hear about in the coming weeks?

Some ideas that I have in mind:

Upgrading your team now for the future.

How Fearless Leaders deepen client commitment.

When Fearless Leaders get stuck.

Take the quick survey HERE to tell me what would be most helpful for you
at this time.






“The only way to do it is to do it.”









Photos taken by my daughter in Marseille, France, February 2020.
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