Re-entry starts with you and getting your leadership realigned.



“A spacecraft must remain intact and cool during this encounter so that it can return to the ground in one piece. Engineers must balance powerful forces…to achieve this objective and avert disaster.”



Wow. You thought launching your business into remote operation was rough. Wait ‘til you experience RE-ENTRY.

What Fearless Leaders are saying about Inslee’s Plan for Phase 2:

“I don’t want my people to come back to work afraid.”

“The contractor’s ready with all their site protocols in place, but we can’t just start sending our people out there.”

“Some folks are starving for personal interaction, but others have really thrived working from home.”

“One partner wants us to get back in the office ASAP, another says that’s reckless, and I want to do it in phases.”

“How will we make all these decisions?”




“Re-entering Earth is all about attitude control.
Leaving orbit, the ship flips around & actually flies backward for a period of time.”

– JANE MCGRATH, science writer


Re-entry starts with you (of course!) and getting your leadership realigned.
Remember to first take stock and self-assess in each of these spheres:

1. Me as a leader

2. My leadership team

3. My employees

4. My clients

5. The world

You should be able to say this (and more) about each sphere: 

1. I’m calm and certain. I inspire confidence and hope for the future.

2. My team makes decisions quickly; We embrace conflicting ideas and opinions and encourage innovative solutions.

3. My employees are driven and engaged. The right people are in the right roles with the support they need.

4. I know each client’s mindset, financial position, and goals.

5. We crush the competition.


“All the anxiety over small things burned off me in the fire of reentry.” 



What if you’re scoring low on any of these desired results as you begin to plan re-entry?

Values First

Slow down, flip around, and turn back to the firm’s Values. Have a high-level conversation with your leaders about what the values mean and how they will guide you through the dozens of decisions ahead.

I’ll wager that Creativity or Innovation is among your core values. Reaffirming that value may lead you to decide that, when planning re-entry, your leaders will:

• Embrace conflicting ideas & opinions

• Encourage and reward creative and innovative solutions

You’ve now checked off a few of your desired results. Maybe you’re even starting to feel calm and certain again.




“We were flying on a winged vehicle that would do reentry different than we had ever done before. Test pilots truly love firsts.” 

— ROBERT CRIPPEN, pilot of the first NASA Space Shuttle flight





Images: Jacques Tati film Playtime at MoMA, NYC, 2019; exhibit at MoMA PS1, Long Island City, 2018; exhibit at the Palais du Tokyo, Paris, 2017; exhibit at DIA: Beacon, 2019.
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