Facilitative mediation can help you stabilize relationships while navigating difficult life transitions, such as?growing up, divorcing, and aging.

At the Table, Nora creates a path for exploring underlying tensions, sorting through feelings and fears, talking openly, and untangling complicated issues. Mediation guides you out of the turmoil of conflict back into that calmer, creative, thinking state where respectful dialogue and durable decision-making?can happen.

Below are a few examples of services offered.

Teen and Parent Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Teen and Parent Conversations

Teenagers need to speak their minds as they assume greater agency in the family. Parents or guardians may find themselves at a loss about how to approach a withdrawn or angry teen. Nora facilitates conversation at the Table so each person?s perspective is considered and decisions are forged together.

Elder Life Transition Mediation

Elder Life Transitions

Gathering at the Table helps elders and their families plan dignified transitions to new living arrangements or put other support in place for the changing needs and abilities that come with aging. Nora creates a calm and respectful place for elder-centered discussion and decision-making, skillfully integrating the differing opinions and levels of involvement of family members.

Parenting Agreements and Plans

Parenting Agreements

Parenting plans are required by law to serve the best interests of children. Nora offers child-centered guidance to help create or update parenting agreements. Whether you need to write a plan as a prerequisite to divorce or modify terms as your children grow and change, she holds their place at the Table while helping parents or guardians make decisions.

"Tremendous job highlighting (the parents?) love for their child and shared interest in safety."