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Business leaders have so much on their plates just getting the work done that it’s easy to miss relational issues when they first appear. And when conflict is allowed to build up, it blows up.

This isn’t always as readily apparent as people arguing, or a strong reaction you didn’t expect. Do you have employees who don’t speak to one another, or who actively avoid working on the same projects? Is a client not returning your calls? Are certain members of your team withdrawing? Do you find your leadership team out of alignment?

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NEW Behavioral Assessment & DISC Workshop

‘Know thyself’ - a great place for your leadership team to start, and a meaningful team-builder, even in the virtual space. From a quick 15-minute online questionnaire, Extended DISC generates your unique behavioral assessment, guaranteed to nail your traits and challenge how you see yourself. We’ll review your assessment together in depth to build confident self-awareness of your interactional style, learn how others may perceive you, and what you can do to adjust your style for more successful interactions.


Executive Coaching

Skilled professionals often find that managing people is a far greater challenge than the primary work, in part because noticing and handling conflict is a key leadership role that we weren’t trained for. My one-on-one coaching for executives and managers builds the skills you need to handle tough conversations, inspire open communication, and help employees work more effectively together.


Listening Tours & Restorative Circles

As a community, people in your firm need dedicated times for coming together to reflect on their experiences. Leaders need to give meaningful support and stay in touch with what their partners and staff are really feeling and thinking, especially during a crisis. 

The Restorative Circle is a lightly facilitated gathering whose structure creates equity and ease and the opportunity for everyone to be heard with undivided attention. I also help leaders practice active listening skills and prepare for a Listening Tour of your firm, growing a new habit of deep listening.


Leadership Meetings & Retreats

For companies with multiple partners or managers, a unified approach is vital. Whether there are pressing needs to be addressed or it’s time to redefine goals, policies, and management styles, my facilitated meetings and retreats activate robust discussion and decision-making.

You can find common ground and move forward.

Company-wide Workshops

Everyone wants a work environment in which productive discussions are the norm, conflicts are handled respectfully, and people are at ease working with each other. With skill-building workshops and lunch-and-learns, I help employees recommit to the firm’s values and purpose, understand common pain points, learn to address difficult issues professionally, and keep moving in the same direction.

Formal Mediation

Formal Mediation

Even the most well-intentioned efforts to prevent or mitigate conflict will fall short from time to time. In these instances, the calm, neutral process of professional mediation is invaluable. I am a certified mediator who has helped resolve all types of disputes, from contractor disagreements to issues between staff and management or clients and firms. As an impartial and facilitative mediator, I don’t advocate or takes sides, but rather provide a simple structure, a few rules of conduct, and expert guidance to resolve entrenched conflict.

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“I always get something out of Nora's [Executive Forum] sessions that feeds my soul. It’s good to hear from others, good and challenging."

Alex Rolluda, President, Rolluda Architects Inc.